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1 decade ago by mahgo

Has anyone had any luck/is it possible to load my Impact game and Weltmeister in a MVC 4 ASP.NET View?

1 decade ago by philwinkel

It is possible, weltmeister is just javascript that is configured to point at a few server-side endpoints. It will work with any server, as long as the server implements the Weltmeister API endpoints.

I just got this more or less working the other day, I have the following controller code:

In my case, the index ActionResult renders weltmeister.

You will have to go into your weltmeister/config.js file and edit the API paths so they point at your Weltmeister controller actions:
	// API paths for saving levels and browsing directories. If you use a
	// different backend (i.e. not the official PHP backend), you may have
	// to change these.
	'api': {
		'save': '/weltmeister/save',
		'browse': '/weltmeister/browse',
		'glob': '/weltmeister/glob'

I think that's what I did anyways, I have been editing weltmeister somewhat significantly so I may have forgot to mention something..

1 decade ago by mahgo

Ok thanks, then copy the weltmeister html code into the view?

Also, do you have your impact files in the root of the directory?

1 decade ago by philwinkel


in my Weltmeister controller that ActionResult returns the default Index view, which is where I have copy/pasted the weltmeister.html.

I have the impact files in the root of my asp mvc solution. It looks like

I suggest having the impact files in the root, since ImpactJS was coded using a convention over configuration pattern. It will be a lot easier to get up and running if you follow that convention.

If for some reason you want / need to have the impactjs files elsewhere, I believe you would want to:

1) look into ig.prefix:
2) in weltmeister/config.js, change the modulePath, entityFiles, levelPath

1 decade ago by mahgo

Hi Phil,

Would you have any idea what could cause my entities to not be detected in Weltmeister (the game, which is the index.html in the root folder finds and uses them fine)? My lib folder is at the root of the project. It loads my tiles fine, though.
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