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1 decade ago by TigerJ

I have reports from only droidx users that their phones are restarting when their score gets to 3000+

Can anyone test some other android phones if you have them laying around to see if it happens to you?


1 decade ago by onion

I've tried this today on my Samsung Galaxy S2 and I can't get anywhere near 3000 points tbh. I seem to be losing lives when when the shapes are coming nowhere near my character. I'm destroying them pretty far away, yet my lives are still draining away quickly.

Seems glitchy to me.

1 decade ago by TigerJ

That is interesting, I had a couple S2 testers but they didn't report that.

You are not shooting the circles are you?

1 decade ago by onion

You're right, yes I was. I thought they were baddies!
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