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9 years ago by Danb


I'd like to build a little gem matching game and wondering if Impact would be a good engine for it?

I've been prototyping in straight js/canvas which is ok but thinking that impact would help keep things better structured.

Any tips/advice greatly received :)



9 years ago by Joncom

Working with any framework can save you a lot of time and make the development process go smoother. It's your call really, whether you use one or not. If the price is not to your liking I've heard that Construct is an OK free alternative.

9 years ago by Danb

Hi Jon

Thanks for the reply :) I bought an impact license last year actually but only now getting round to trying it out myself. You're right, Impact saves you a LOT of time. Btw, just seen your email so I'll reply to that now!

I've also picked up the Jesse Freeman HTML5 book which has really helped - if anyone's starting out I'd really recommend it, even though it's written around the development of a platform game, the concept's it teaches are helpful for any sort of game. Although it's title is a little misleading as it's not really HTML5 game development so much as 'Using Impact to build HTML5 games"
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