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10 years ago by ansimuz


I am trying to make a minimap that reveals discovered areas something like in supermetroid or castlevania son.

I was thinking in using arrays but do you know a good resource to do this the best way.


10 years ago by giodif

Try this:

10 years ago by ansimuz

Thanks, but this is not what i had in mind this is more for a radar like in world of warcraft and i need somehting like metroid or zelda, something that records visited rooms instead of showing enemies on screen.

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Zelda<br />
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10 years ago by Gamma

That plugin provided above may still be able to form your idea. I haven't tested this, but if you modify the radar image and reduce the size of the markers you can get the same effect.

10 years ago by ansimuz

I resolved this.

I made an array of objects for each room containing the name of the level, the position for the square and the status (visited, active and unexplored)

Then when loading a new level i just check against the array.

this is the resulting output:
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