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7 years ago by RockLeo

could you guys share your experiences in doing the game at full screen?

I'm having some trouble to define level size in weltmeister.

I made 16x20x30.

On Iphone4 worked, all the others does not fit perfect (android, windows, tablets and phones).

I couldnt make a 32/64 tile size game to fit a full screen.

I want to make something like cut the rope and candy crush.

Is it possible to make a level that when scaled fit several screens and does not lose quality? Or Will I have to create the game for every screen known?

Sry if was something already discussed, I search the forum and couldnt find anything.


7 years ago by Joncom

You could make the game and canvas some exact dimensions, and then stretch it to fit whatever device you're rendering on. This is probably not ideal though.

You could target a specific device, and have the game fit perfectly, and then show "letterbox" when a device deviates from the aspect ratio. This of also probably not ideal.

You could decide on committing to either a common width, or common height. And basically every device would show the same amount of "game" in that dimension. And then the other dimension would be automatically calculated in order to fill the rest of the screen for that device.

The last option is probably what you want because it maintains the correct pixel aspect ratio (doesn't stretch anything), and gets you pretty close to "consistent" across all devices.

There's some information on how to calculate that in the "Screen Size" section here.

7 years ago by RockLeo

Hi @Joncom!

You are like a master jedi programmer to me, what you have done here and all those plugins assure that.

Can you exemplify one of your fullscreen games?

The one I did fullscreen is 16 pixels, my weltmeister level is 20x30 (320x480). It fits a lot of screens, but when I scale to fit some devices, it gets all blur, I dont want to make a pixel art game. (I used those css pixel instruction to make it better).

Thats why I want to see the experience of those more experienced than me.

I made a simple game using your Box2d sugar plugin, I really enjoyed using it, thats why I want to learn this things to try publish it.


7 years ago by Joncom

My experience is almost exclusively with pixel art games, so your challenge is not one I have faced.

You have a 320x480 game. In a pixel art game, this would scale up sharply to 640x960 (just double the scale). But in a non-pixel-art game, you are forfeiting half your pixels (and thus half the potential detail), which of course leads to blur.

You could always try creating "2X" assets. See the "Drawing Images" section here for details on that. That assumes you are using Ejecta too.

Still though, there are resolutions (like the 1242x2208 iPhone 6 Plus) which you simply won't be able to scale up to by an integer. This means that to support all these devices, you will probably have at least at little bit of blur (on some of them).

The other option is to make a version for every device. But that's not ideal.

Another idea is to use vector graphics, which look good at any resolution. Not sure if Impact has strong support for that though.

7 years ago by RockLeo

thx @Joncom!

This will help me a lot!

I published my game yesterday on play store, I wont put it here because it's too simple to be shown here lol.

But I used your plugin, it made my life easier!

7 years ago by Joncom

Glad to help.
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