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7 years ago by jeromecovington

Hi, it's been a long time since I initially started checking out ImpactJS several years ago. I'm sad to say I have never finished a game, haven't really started one beyond the initial conceptual phase. I'm an experienced JavaScript developer on the web development side, but I could really use a hand getting a good platformer bootstrapped. Something that has all of the basics sorted so that I can focus on the sprites I want to use, and start getting into the level editor without too much work up front. I'm not looking for the easy way out to get to a final, awesome product without work. Of course I'd like to get there eventually, but at the moment I need to get past the initial setup so that I can have some fun with ImpactJS and get a sense of how far I can take it. I also want to make the most use of my current limited time, so that I'll get more ideas of how to use the framework for a more final product when I have more time. Thanks in advance for any help, I know this sounds a bit like I'm asking someone do my homework for me! :-/

7 years ago by Joncom

Then perhaps (rather than starting from scratch) it might be helpful to start working off some already partially completed game. After all, some great games were born as "mods" of other games.

I see you already took a liking to Super Wario Bros. Too! Maybe you could email him and see if he would share the source. (Technically you already have it.)

7 years ago by jeromecovington

Will do. Thanks for the suggestion. New to the ImpactJS community. I appreciate the help!

7 years ago by Joncom

No problem. And welcome :)

7 years ago by denkle

7 years ago by Xander

Heh, neat, I got a mention. (Super Wario Bros. Too!)

I'm still working on my little Fangame, so I'm getting more and more Impact/Platformer experience as I go, but I still haven't sorted out everything.

Dom's Run and Jump demo has most of the platforming baked in, I just started from there and then started specializing and customizing the code.
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