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7 years ago by jmcnamara211

I do not have an entities directory after installing impact. Not included with the zip and license either. Got to the part where I create a player.js file and found out.

7 years ago by Joncom

Yeah, you can just create the folder yourself. It should exist here:


7 years ago by jmcnamara211

I did create it but it froze up WM. Couldn't load anything. Shouldn't it look like this by default after downloading the zip:


7 years ago by Joncom

That structure looks good, but sometimes you need to make the folder if it's not there. In the default Impact zip, that "project" has no levels, and therefore no levels folder. Just make them as needed.

As for WM freezing, are you seeing any error messages in the JavaScript console?

7 years ago by AndrewMast

Also, if you are on a Mac, you will need to change the permissions of the 'entities' folder or the PHP used in the WM won't work.
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