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1 decade ago by gabbom

Hello everyone!

I have just done my first iOS ad-hoc build using Appmobi (now Intel's) framework.

Running my game in my device (an iPad 2), I see that some entities sprites have what seems to be a 1px border line on some of its edges. The sprite (a .png file) is over a background (another .png image). The edges also seem to appear for some frames, but not for all.

It's odd that this only happens for the sprites in a particular level. When switching to another level (that has even more entities) this doesn't happen.

Is it possible that the entity size or animation frame size are not accurate and that's why the edges are showing up? If so why does this happen in my iPad but it does not happen with the emulator or the app tester?

Thanks a lot!

1 decade ago by Joncom

Is the game being scaled up or down to a non-integer value?
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