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1 decade ago by wavyGravy

Has anyone tested out the performance benchmark for these two objects? I'm making my first game with basic shapes and a hint of glow. It's very similar to Geometry Wars. Would it make sense to use PNGs or make shapes with JS? I'm asking this because I want to fill the stage with as many entities as possible.

1 decade ago by Hareesun

To make the shapes with JS would be more load friendly, and if you're after that geometry wars effect, better suited.

Pngs would also work fine, but if you're scaling at all they'd be affected and they'd also be more intense to load if you've got multiple different ones.

Personally, I'd go JS. You can use the AI2Canvas plugin to get shapes from Illustrator straight into the canvas too. Super super handy. :)

1 decade ago by wavyGravy

@Hareesun Thank you for the quick reply. I already love this community. I remember coming across that plugin and that is such a great suggestion. The reason I asked is because I read somewhere that passing the shape paths every time the canvas draws slows the performance down. I'll have to create a test case to determine that.

I have a feeling I'll probably do a hybrid of both but generating the shape is much more elegant.
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