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1 decade ago by kuba

Hi there,

Sometimes (especially on IE ), game tottaly freeze and I can't do any action, It just throw InvalidStateError on line 320 in sound.js ( this.currentClip.currentTime = 0; )

any ideas ?


1 decade ago by kuba

Any one ? ;-) Still having this issue, this also happen on iOS ( it crush browser :-( )

1 decade ago by stillen

are the sound type playable in those browsers?

1 decade ago by kuba

all sounds are mp3, so i guess they should be playable on ios ? ( am I right ? )

1 decade ago by jerev

How big are these sounds, and what impactjs version are you using (the build or git repo clone?)

1 decade ago by kuba

I use this version: Impact Game Engine 1.23

Sounds are not really big, size varies from 20 up to 150KB.

I've also found, that if I add some on click action to some test div, where I call play() function, browser allows to play this current sound

Any ideas?
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