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1 decade ago by roger


I'm working on a game already programmed using impact framework and I have to do some level changes. This game has more than one level and I want to add more.

This game doesn't have a "entities" and a "levels" folder so I would know if I can use the weltmeister services to change some aspects.

When I start de weltmeister.html I get an error with the glob.php. I bought and downloaded the latest version of Impact framework and I'm going to try with that version but I think that I'm going to have the same error.

1 decade ago by dominic

What's the error message? Does PHP work correctly on your server? Maybe this article helps:

By default, Weltmeister tries to load all .js files from the lib/game/entities/ folder and loads and saves levels to lib/game/levels/. If you don&039;t have these folders, you can simply create them. Also see the #lib/weltmeister/config.js file - you can change these settings there.

Can you tell us a bit more about the game? What exactly is your problem? The transition from one level to another?

1 decade ago by jpveilleux

Like dominic said above, I have found that if you don't have the "levels" folder created in your "lib/game" folder that it will not work when you try to same a level in Weltmeister.

Try creating the folder before getting any deeper into your analysis.
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