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1 decade ago by TheSHEEEP

Hey there,

I am currently evaluating some js 2D and game engines for a game idea that I want to use to create that game and improve my HTML5 capabilities.
Now, Impact is clearly my favourite for that project, but I do have two questions:

Since my idea involves randomly generated levels (think Minecraft/Terraria, etc.) as RTS maps, how could Weltmeister be of use to me? I might have some parts of the levels predefined, but other parts would still be random.

Is a RTS game with randomly generated levels possible with Impact? I guess so, but asking before buying doesn't hurt :D

1 decade ago by snooze

the level data is basically a multidimensional array for the maps/layers (plus some attributes) - you can edit the level file with a texteditor.
so, there should be no problem with generating random maps.

for myself, i wrote a simple script to convert a black/white drawing of a level into a impact.js level file - so, other level generation algorithms should work in a similar manner :)

1 decade ago by TheSHEEEP

What I meant was randomly creating them while playing (completely or only some parts of them), so they are different each time you play. But what you say does sound like it would still work.

Didn't see your edit ;)
Yes, sounds like my idea would work then.

1 decade ago by Aitor

Yes, you can edit levels that you create in weltmesiter in-game easily, you just have to get the data (a bi dimensional array) of the layer you want, and then you can modify it freely.
For example, in the game drop, the levels are completely random and procedurally generated, but you could for example design the first part in weltmeister, and continue to generate it programatically after that level ended.

1 decade ago by Joncom

This is a very cool idea. I can't say how quite how much I'd be interested in seeing how Terraria generates its levels. Would be quite cool to make something similar in ImpactJS for sure!
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