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9 years ago by landoom

I'm wanting to make a game like Delver using TwoPointFive plugin. However, I have a few questions about how possible this may be...

1) I notice that the TwoPointFive plugin and games that use it (like Xibalba) have a wall/ceiling height of one block. Games like Delver and Doom have ceilings with various different heights. Is it possible to alter the ceiling heights with this plugin? Looks like someone asked this already, but never found a real solution.

2) In TwoPointFive, it appears the camera is locked to a specific angle, and the player can't look up or down freely. Is it possible to remove this restriction?

3) Would it be difficult to implement vertical movement such as moving up and down stairs, or dropping off a ledge?

9 years ago by Apiheld

I think, if you wanted to delevop a game like Delver, you'd need to modify TwoPointFive quite a lot. All of your questions need modifications, plus: In Delver, there are smaller objects than 1 tile, e. g. beds, bridges, wooden planks. You can't do any of this in the desired way with TwoPointFive as it is right now.

TwoPointFive is a 2.5D engine. Delver has more of a Minecraft-like engine, which is not 2.5, but 3D with low pixel-style textures.
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