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9 years ago by LazerFriends

I have a crate entity that is killed when the player picks it up, and then respawned when the player puts it down. (both the player and crate are killed and an entity that looks like the player holding the crate is spawned)

If the crate is holding trigger information from Weltmeister (name, target.1, etc) how can I retain that information from when the crate is killed to when it is respawned?

Btw only one crate will be killed/respawned at a time.

9 years ago by LazerFriends

OK, I've answered my own question with a little experimentation.

The answer is the Entity Pool. The "name" (or whatever setting) that you assign an Entity in Weltmeister is held if the Entity goes into the Entity Pool when killed.

I don't think this is documented anywhere.
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