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1 decade ago by Miedeth

I've been poking around the forums here and a number of other js game engines. A little history of what I want to do, I'm a web developer by trade, primarily Microsoft land MVC, c#, jquery etc. Back in the day I made a simple RPG with a tactical combat system and primarily text outside of combat. It was done in web forms and ajax and I haven't touched it in years. I wanted to created a new version and fix the flaws, using the latest MVC and jquery I can fix a lot of the issues I saw in the game engine, but I got to thinking why reinvent the wheel?

So I got to poking around looking at different game engines, reading blogs, and I've heard good things about impact, but most of the stuff I've seen has been for side scrollers, the pong tutorial, etc. So my question is how well would Impact work for a retro tile based RPG? Menu elements, all of that good stuff? I figure the best way to find out about it is to post here in the forums and ask people actually using it.

1 decade ago by mLautz

I'm still pretty new to Impact, but so far I've really enjoyed the flexibility of the system. The closest thing I have made to a tile based rpg would be this prototype.

The level editor, Weltmeister, is already set up to handle tilesets and placing entities in the game. It is a very nice tool for created tile based levels.

There are also some handy plugins that users have created to help facilitate non-standard needs. ( Event Chains, Shadow Casting Class, Customizable Chat Bubbles, Minimap Plugin, Pause and Save plugins)

As far as GUI stuff goes, I've drawn some simple buttons to the screen in my first game, but it may help to get an opinion from Graphikos. They have had some very nice looking GUI for a recent project.

Lastly, another impressive demo is this one: Cross Code by Lacshen and team.

1 decade ago by Miedeth

Thanks, that's good to know I'll have to check out those sites you've linked to.
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