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7 years ago by Leolio

Hi guys,

I'm a beginner with impact, and I'm currently trying to make a simple thing, a door leading to another level (simple, I know).

It works, I switch level, but I don't land on the Void spawn point.

Here's what I did:

- put a trigger, link it to a levelchange entity. The levelchange entity has a name key, a level key and a spawn key (let's say "abcd").

- on the destination level, put a Void entity. Give it a name "abcd".

What am I missing ?

7 years ago by Joncom

How is the "levelchange" entity supposed to work anyway? Did you write it? Did you download it from somewhere? If so, where?

7 years ago by Leolio

Hi Joncom,

your message made me realize one thing. I started impactJS right away with the ebook named "HTML 5 Game Development with impactJS" recommended on this site. Plenty of things I took for granted, like the "void" entity, the "levelchange" entity and so on were created by the authors of this book, so my question is both too specific and too imprecise.

I'm wondering one thing now, how do people even begin with impactJS ? I'm starting to get a feel of things, but that ebook is to thank for it.

People create everything from scratch with impactJS ? Like a teleport to go from a level to another, a coin, the player, an enemy... ?

7 years ago by Joncom

A great way to learn is download some already made examples, and look at the code to see what makes them tick. If I recall correctly, the official download page had a few. The ImpactJS documentation is pretty good too.

For example, it outlines how to create a basic player:

Does that book you mentioned includes links to some working demos?
What kind of game are you trying to make?

7 years ago by Leolio

Hi Joncom,

well, I tried the documentation before but felt overwhelmed. But the link you gave me is packed with great information and very clear, thanks. So that's how I get the list of properties !

Yeah, I'll check the downloads too, there are a few indeed.

What I bought doesn't include a link to a fully functional game demo, but plenty of levels and entities and a few media files. Coming from RPG Maker 2003 and having this book helped me getting started. I made a small level with a few basic enemies, a door to another level with a boss. It's a 1 minute long RPG, yay. :-D

I think you're right, playing games made with impactJS is part of the learning process.

I haven't decided what kind of game yet (I have some ideas of course), my main concern is to learn the basics first to know what I can do. I'm at 30% of the book, from tomorrow on I'll learn the basics 2D platformers.

Since I switched to MAC in 2006 I occasionally searched what could replace RPG Maker in my life, and impactJS seem to do the trick, even if the learning curve is steeper at first !

Again, thanks for your help !

7 years ago by lTyl

My game was created with ImpactJS ( and I am familiar with the RPG Maker series. If you ever need help with Impact or want to learn how we did something feel free to send an e-mail off my way (contact<at> I'm not as active on these forums anymore, but still responsive to email :D.

Impact can have a learning curve just starting out, especially if you come from the RPG Maker world. Once you familiarize yourself with it and understand how it all works better, it is a fine little engine and I was proud to have used it for my most recent commercial title.
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