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1 decade ago by eLouai


Works in Chrome and Safari
No sound in Firefox
Does not load in IE

Wanted to confirm if others were having similar issues, and what could the issue be?
The music file is 2.1MB

1 decade ago by Joncom

The music works for me just fine in Chrome and Firefox.

1 decade ago by eLouai

I am on a mac OS X (version 10.7.5),

Hi Joncon, thanks for testing it, what version of firefox and on what OS?

For internet explorer, (version 8), BLANK (afterwards learned that IE8 does not support HTML 5, Using Parallels desktop, windows XP)
For Firefox, (version 22.0), NO SOUND (fx or music)
For Safari, (version 6.0.5), WORKS, a slight pause then the music kicks.
For Chrome, (version 28.0.1500.71) WORKS, no pause.
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