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1 decade ago by harryfeng

I turn on debug mode and click the performance tab. the system lag is 35ms, is it normal?

1 decade ago by dominic

Depends. Which Browser? Which OS? Which hardware? Which game?

Since 1.20 Impact uses requestAnimationFrame to schedule frames. With this, the browser decides when exactly the next frame is computed and drawn, instead of having a fixed timestep (that the browser may not be able to meet).

The browser knows your monitors refresh rate. Most of the time it's 60hz. In this case, if the browser can paint 60 frames per second, it will do so. If it fails to meet 60fps, it will drop down to 30fps, which sounds dramatic, but is a good idea: constant 30fps will look way more fluent than the jerkiness you get with anything between 30 and 60. After all, the frames that are rendered still have to meet the display's refresh rate.

So you shouldn't be too concerned about the system lag.

That said, 35ms imply that your game is running at about 20fps, right!? This is quite low. Modern browsers should be able to reach 60fps on most hardware nowadays. So I guess that either your game is quite complex, or you're running on an old hardware or browser.
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