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1 decade ago by Rob_The_Wise

Is there a way in Impact to create a text input box where players could input their name at the start of the game, or write messages to each other?

I saw the game "Bionic Battle Browser Bots" has a text input box at the beginning and I am looking to do something similar.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance of course ;-)

1 decade ago by fugufish

hmm sounds like you need to use some jquery text box help

create a dialog box above the canvas layer, and put the textbox there.

sorry i don't have code now, but i'll think up something soon

1 decade ago by Rob_The_Wise

Cool, will give that a shot!


1 decade ago by BFresh

I did Bionic Battle Browser Bots and wArp text boxes purely with HTML/CSS. I have the CSS div hidden on page load and then my game's JS displays it when it starts or when you press the corresponding key to change your name. A look at the page's HTML source will give you that side of it. I'll try to dig up the JS function to toggle a div's display...

1 decade ago by Rob_The_Wise

That's great.

I actually managed to use a text area and looking into using jQuery and had some success (thanks fugufish ;-)) But a chance to peek at your code would be fantastic for some other features I have in mind.


1 decade ago by sleenee

Hey BFresh,

I have taken a peek at this html/css solution you use in browserbots and since there is so much in there it's pretty hard to figure out how it works. I also only want to accept a name before the game starts and then use it as a javascript variable afterwards.

Would you be so kind to give a small explanation of how you made this work for you?

thanks in advance,


9 years ago by SirPereira

It's mine impression or this shouldn't be the approach used if you want to deploy to multiple platforms, as only the canvas would be available to the platform itself (apart of web)?

9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

@SirPereira, you're right, if you are using Ejecta to package for iOS, not all DOM elements are supported (for speed among other things). But if just targeting the browser, I think it's a good approach.
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