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1 decade ago by tettasun

Hi! I've developed sample browser type game.
And I move it to iOSImpact.
But my Levelmap is disappeared and player charactor falls hell.

Do you have any solutions?

Error message is here
Mon Jun 20 21:51:05 --.local iOSImpact[431] <Error>: CGBitmapContextCreate: unsupported color space.
Mon Jun 20 21:51:05 --.local iOSImpact[431] <Error>: CGContextDrawImage: invalid context 0x0

2011-06-20 21:51:10.008 iOSImpact[431:207] OpenALSource: ExtAudioFileOpenURL FAILED, Error = -43

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

This is probably not the problem, but make sure there are no spaces in any of your folders or filenames when using iOS Impact.

1 decade ago by paularmstrong

First error: What color bit depth are your images? iOS can only use 24-bit depth (8 bits per channel [red, green, blue, alpha]

Second Error: Does the path to your image actually exist?

Third Error: Same as the second? What audio format are you trying to use? Did you read the Sound and Music section of this page?
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