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10 years ago by gnx

I was just wondering if the drawing method allows adjusting the FoV?
Also how feasible would it be to have height differences in the terrain?

10 years ago by dominic

Yep, you can adjust the field of view. It&039;s currently "hardcoded" to #75 in the TwoPointFive System Plugin, but you can easily overwrite before you start your game in main.js:

ig.System.prototype.fov = 110;
ig.main( '#canvas', MyGame, 60, width, height, 1, tpf.Loader );

As for different heights: that implies that you also have slopes and would also need some changes for the physics. It would be quite a lot of work, I think.

As a starting point, the position of where the floor and wall tiles would be rendered is set in the Plugin's map.js (for floor and ceiling) and wall-map.js. You could create another layer in Weltmeister, similar to the "lights" map, that modifies those positions.

10 years ago by gnx

Thanks a lot for the answers :)
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