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8 years ago by bleeinc

I've just purchased the engine after playing the TwoPointFive demo as it completely sold me on the engine. I planned on making an rpg and wanted to see what changing the all the ceiling tiles to look like a sky with clouds instead of the base tileset would look like.

So I made a basic sky image and threw it in the tiles folder. Then loaded up the editor and changed all the ceiling tiles to my blue sky tile. Saved everything, checked the base1.js file and verified that the "ceiling" object has my changes
                       "name": "ceiling",
			"width": 32,
			"height": 32,
			"linkWithCollision": false,
			"visible": 1,
			"tilesetName": "media/tiles/sky.png",
			"repeat": false,
			"preRender": false,
			"distance": "1",
			"tilesize": 64,
			"foreground": false,
			"data": [ 0,0,0,0,0,0,0, 'etc...']

The problem is no-matter what I do the new tiles don't show up and I've cleared cache, reloaded everything, restarted my whole machine even, yet it still loads the old tileset, I will note that the ceiling is changing but it looks like the #'s in the data array still correlate to the old tileset even though it's set to use the new one. I've also loaded it in chrome, firefox, and even edge, same thing in all browsers. Any help is much appreciated.

8 years ago by lunarcloud

Did... did you try editing a level's JSON directly instead of using weltmeister? If that was the case, I do not suggest it.

8 years ago by bleeinc

I did it in weltmeister first, and that didn't work so I did try to edit the json directly. It's not that complicated, and you can open the json file edit the level in weltmeister, refresh the json file and see exactly what is changing.. Just the data array. And all the #'s other than 0 in the data array correspond to a tile in the tile-set. Either way still doesn't work :/ Changes are being made both ways, but it's always using the old tile-set.

8 years ago by CyanPrime

Hi, i'm having the same problem. Can anyone help?

8 years ago by ComitOne

The last comment on the thread below shows how someone implemented a skybox when using TwoPointFive:
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