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9 years ago by Danb


I think I'm doing this wrong :)

I've got some large png images (300x630) that I want to paint on a layer but I'm having trouble getting them to show in weltmeister correctly - they are tall vertical platforms that will have collision tiles along the top.

Is this possible, or should I split up the image into uniform tiles and build them that way

Thanks for any help/advice :)


9 years ago by Joncom

Are your tiles 30x30 perhaps?
Or 10x10?
It should all work fine if your tilesize divides nicely into your tilesheet dimensions.

9 years ago by Danb

They're actually single images (e.g. a large mountain) which I want to place on the layer

It feels like its the wrong way to do it but not sure how else to do it really

9 years ago by Danb

ps. for example I have a single png called sky that's 979 × 738

i just want this on a layer in the background and I don't seem to be able to do that via weltmeister?
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