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1 decade ago by Skywalker

I'm not sure why my entity images are (mostly) not displaying in weltmeister

this is what I see in weltmeister:

but when I load the game the entity images load fine:

I do have 1 entity that actually displays the image in weltmeister, but none of the rest do.

1 decade ago by Arantor

So, what's the code in that entity exactly?

1 decade ago by Skywalker

I've been restructuring my code a bit so those elements are no longer entities since they needed to just be ui elements. If I have a problem once I get it all changed I'll post back.

1 decade ago by Yojimbo

I am having the same issue as Skywalker. My first entity registers just fine but subsequent entities fail to load. First entity code is virtually identical.

Screen shots from Weltmeister and Entity Code.

Running a Win7 x64 environment, with XAMP 1.7.7 32bit
breaks in Firefox 11 beta4 and Chrome 17

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated because I am stumped.

1 decade ago by Yojimbo

Never mind my last post, I am an idiot.

in my spike animation I had typed addAdmin vs. the correct addAnim...

to much time working in databases this week.


1 decade ago by spacehunter

LOL - I feel your pain ;)
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