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1 decade ago by Hazneliel

Why my game isnt loading on Iphone Safari???

1 decade ago by paularmstrong

Crashed my mobile safari. Try removing all of your console.log() calls and check again.

Also, always bake your game before posting a public link to it! These forums are public, and so is your game code now! Run tools/bake.(sh/bat)

1 decade ago by Hazneliel

I removed all console.log() and still doesnt load =/

1 decade ago by Alex

Go Seetings > Safari > Developer and turn on debug console. You'll see why it doesn't work :)

1 decade ago by Hazneliel

Ok, solved it, I was binding buttons that I wasnt declaring in the html

1 decade ago by Zetaphor

LOL! Looks like somebody didn't approve
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