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7 years ago by kapolab

Does anyone experience that ImpactJS games become super slow when running on web browser?

About a year ago when I was developing games with ImpactJS, I thought it was not like this slow.

I tested sample games and those were become slow too.

Does this happen only on iOS? I only tested on MacbookAir and iPhone.

I will test on like windows machines and check it if it's slow on them too.

7 years ago by Joncom

Haven't noticed. Can you point me to an ImpactJS game online that seems slow? I could test on my iPhone 5S if you want.

7 years ago by kapolab

These two games are which I made with ImpactJS.
(Please resize window to vertical or hold smartphone vertical)

Actually they crash when I try to play them with iPhone 5C...
And super slow on my MacbookAir(11inch mid2011 macOS Sierra ver10.12.3).

A sample game Jump'n run crashes too.

7 years ago by kapolab

It seems that it only became super slow with PC chrome.
With Firefox and Safari, it works fine and speedy.

But still crashes with iPhone 5c browsers(Chrome,Safari,Firefox).

7 years ago by Joncom

All three games run OK on my iPhone 5S, and Chrome on my Mac. Strange that you are running into trouble on multiple different devices...

7 years ago by kapolab

Thank you for testing!
I will continue checking what is happening...

6 years ago by kapolab

Some how the slowdown problem with PC browser is not happening anymore.

But with iPhone 5C(iOS 10.3.3), it still crashes on Chrome and Safari.

I fetched a crash report file from the iPhone.

It seems it crashed on thread 0, but I can't find why it's crashed.
Still working on it...

Last year it was working fine with this iPhone, so it might be a problem with the iOS update...

This also happens with samples "Generic Jump'n Run" and "Pong".
But not with samples "Physics" and "Drop".
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