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8 years ago by ansimuz

I was wondering if there is a way to manipulate the brightness of an entity in real time.

I ask this because i would like to implement some kind of feedback to let know the player when the enemies are taking damage.

8 years ago by pattentrick

First of, I freaking love Elliot's Quest! I also read an interview you did a while ago and found it quite entertaining that we both have some things in common (the love for mega man, using webstorm, or making HTML5 games for example) :D

Back to topic:

You want some kind of “flickering” when you damage an enemy, right? Why don't you just use an animation sheet for that one? Even if a real brightness manipulation of entities would be possible with Impact, I think just overriding the animation would be far more easier and better for the performance.

I did the same a few months ago on a small SHMUP I made.

You can skip the intro with ESC. The enemies with the laser attack in the first cave and the endboss are using that kind of damage indicator. I'll hope you'll make it that far. I had to rush that game and the difficulty is pretty imbalanced.

8 years ago by ansimuz


Thanks for the compliments. I am glad you liked it both (game and interview).

I think you are right and not risking the game performance would be the best way to go.

Thanks :)
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