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1 decade ago by Asgard

I was experimenting with a background layer that used a rather large tileset (128x128 tiles with hundreds of tiles). The problem I ran into was that the tileset popup window would have some of the tiles off-screen and there was no way to move the window to get to the off-screen tiles.

The first thing I tried to resolve it was to decrease the zoom of weltmeister (set zoom to .5) and this sort of worked, but I would still regularly have inaccessible tiles due to the how the window popped up. And setting the zoom under 1 causes some crowding in the rulers that makes it a bit harder to see where you are at.

My second and current workaround has been to create some smaller tilesets and use multiple layers for the background but it would be much more convenient to be able to work within a single tileset.

It would be nice to have the tileset 'window' scroll if your mouse reaches the edge of the screen, or to use the r-click to move like you can move around the level layout.

1 decade ago by noar

You can reference this thread:

1 decade ago by Arantor

Since there's been no mention of it in two months, it was probably a good idea to bump it separately...

1 decade ago by Asgard

Thanks noar, hadn't seen that thread.

As is mentioned there. it would still be nice to be able to scroll the tileset layer, particularly if you are going to make a game using large tiles and large tilesets. Right now you really can't do that effectively.
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