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7 years ago by HawkleyFox

edit: Oh, I found the edit button!

When I decided to begin work on a platformer, the first thing I did was setup a little test level to see what changes I'd have to make to the physics, especially in regards to slopes.

Well, I quickly found numerous bugs in the default collision detection code (this isn't in regards to the sliding issue) that I've been trying to fix. I made a short video of the issues with the default collision.

Default Collision

I was able to fix the issues with the wall-slopes using the fix described in the next post, but the floor bug still haunts me. I've about run out of patience with it myself, so I may discard slopes as a workable feature for now.

Anyways, just thought I should share these issues in hopes of a later solution.

7 years ago by HawkleyFox

I'm sorry, I was confusing myself. To fix the wall-slope bug, change _traceStep to skip the y-axis test if a slope collision happened during the x-axis check.
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