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8 years ago by DerDree


I'm a student in computer science and for quite some time into HTML5 and game development. I already done things with unity and web game development with plain javascript with canvas and also with three.js. Now i'm thinking about buying this engine, because I guess it will make a lot of things easier than programming with plain javascript and the canvas elements for games.
But $99 is a lot of money for me (actually more then i really can effort at the moment but programming is my hobby..^^) so I really want to consider it and I have some questions:

My main thought altough is, will this engine be long living? Will it be actively developed the next years or if there will be a new version, will the licence I buy stay?

Another thing is, I'm at the moment learning multiplayer games using node.js and Is this also possible with impact with all features of these technologies?

And one more thing: Is there any youtube tutorial (or text) where I can see how a game is developed with impact? I mean not a very simple game with nearly no javascript code but quite a complex game showing not only the level editor but the coding.

Thanks in advance :)

8 years ago by jizaymes

1) yes, version 2 is supposedly coming out in the coming months though nothing official. I believe they did mention some sort of upgrade fee but I believe a lot of things are still too up in the air with that.

2 and 3)
Yes, Start here,

The community is great and if you are truly walking in with the understanding of web development, etc, it should be an easy and welcomed transition.

Good luck

8 years ago by DerDree

Thanks for your answer :)

I just bought it together with the book of amazon and will work through it. After that I will watch the tutorial videos you linked.
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