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1 decade ago by swjo207

As a newbie, I got a 'drop' sample game code.
Following guide line of 'phonegap', I injected the code into phonegap-project.
But I couldn't get desired situation.
Anybody succeed these? (both android and iOS)
I didn't use appmobi and have no plan to use it.

1 decade ago by monkeyArms

We need much more detail: what exactly did you do? What exactly did not happen the way you intended? Did you get console errors?

1 decade ago by swjo207

THKs in advance, I've learned 'drop' game working on desktop-browser well.
1st case (iOS) is as below:
Without iOSImpact, I've created a 'sample phonegap project' with xcode(v4.2.1). Already downloaded drop sample code is inserted into folder 'www' ( created by following phonegap manual) When simulating it on iPhone 4.3 Simulator, holding progress bar (not progress any more) on the screen is the only result I can see.
2nd case (android) is as below:
The procedure is the same as above; but I follow the manual exactly from site ( I got a result that the progress bar halted, and realized that webview can't support ogg format, but is the case for mp3 format.
Anyway I'm experimenting the engine on mobile with 'PhoneGap', and aspire it to work fine on both android and iphone. I've also read appmobi is best solution, so don't complain to use it.
Sorry for bothering guys, but plz help me progress on next step.
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