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10 years ago by MATRIXREAL

iam using construct 2 to make my html simple game
and ejecta to export my project to xcode
every thing is good and my game is on appstore
some players report that the game is lagging (freez and FSP low) when the iad is shown
specially for iphone 4 and 4s ...;
i try to desactivate wifi and 3g internet and every thing work good

is it any solution or trick to solve this problem ?

10 years ago by MATRIXREAL

any one have any idea please ?

10 years ago by stillen

I have the same issue with older phones. I have noticed this on other apps as well, so it's not just an ejecta issue, but it is very noticeable depending on the game.

I think the new iap platform is very resource intensive. The ads are very interactive and have a lot of resources, so the older phones really crap out.

Depending on your install base of phone types, you could disable ads on older phones, or have a paid version to disable that.

10 years ago by MATRIXREAL

how you noticed this on other app ? can you explain please thanks !!!

10 years ago by taddeimania

I have noticed latency when loading the iad and while cycling through it.

I have a game where the camera moves independent of the player but still attempts to loosely track the player so when it get's just a little laggy it's evident because the camera or the player can stumble out of sync for a few seconds.

Haven't tested the latency on my iphone 5s but it was very much a problem on my iphone 4 and ipad 2.

10 years ago by aquinn

I have the same issue - iAd display causes a lot of lag on iPod 4th Gen (same processor as iPhone 4 I think).

It doesn't seem to affect App store approval as the cause of lag is on Apple's side as far as I can tell -and they want everyone to use the latest devices...
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