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1 decade ago by NeilHighley

How does the licensing effect changes I make to the game engine?
Am I free to change the code in whatever way I wish?

Do I need to have any credit to the original engine in the game screens?

1 decade ago by dominic

You can modify Impact in any way you like. Be aware though, that you are not allowed to sell the modified engine itself (i.e. as an SDK), but you can of course sell and distribute the games you made with it.

And no, you don't have to give credit to Impact anywhere.

1 decade ago by dariusk

Are we allowed to publish our modifications for free, like here in the forums?

What about in the case of building a game in Impact that lets the users build custom levels? That seems like it's forbidden by the license terms, depending on the fuzzy definition of "end user" and "developer" in that case.

1 decade ago by dominic

I'd rather not like to see parts of Impact's source code posted here publicly – modified or not.

I will set up a private forum, accessible by everyone who has a license, in the next few days, where you can post stuff like this.

You can of course always post your own code that utilizes Impact. E.g. feel free to share your Entities on Github or anywhere else.

About the in-game level editor – I'm fine with that, as long as your product does not compete with Impact or Weltmeister. I'm just trying to legally protect myself from someone who wants to use Impact to built an SDK that competes with Impact.

Just be reasonable. I'm pretty sure I'm not a License Troll who wants to screw you over :)

1 decade ago by mumiso

Impact games produced or available business?

1 decade ago by dariusk

Thanks for the reply. I certainly don't believe that you're a license troll, but as someone who's had a business selling game development software I try to look out for that kind of thing. For example: what if Impact gets bought by somebody else who turns out to be a license troll, and sends out a cease-and-desist to anyone with an in-game level editor? That's why I like things to be as clear as possible in software licenses, especially for game engines and components.
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