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1 decade ago by ethos71

Hey Everybody,

I am new to impact js and I was trying to size up a few things before purchasing the software

1. is it possible to integrate the facebook js sdk with impact JS?
2. is it possible to integrate google adsense?
3. are there tools for capturing finger flicks like in a paper toss game?

I am assuming that as long as the javascript does not clash with impact then the integration of facebook and google adsense would be possible

but i havent seen anything in terms of motion capture to do a paper toss game

Thank you for any and all help

1 decade ago by onion

I'd be interested in an answer to question 1 also :-)

1 decade ago by Akis

I've never used Facebook with Impact yet but I don't see why it wouldn't be possible. Same for Google Adsense, but for that one, there is not really any interactions with Impact.

You can bind the events TouchStart and TouchEnd, so you can easily compute the time and the distance between the 2 positions, then have a velocity you need to apply on the object you want to move.

1 decade ago by boomixer

1. I've done some work with Facebooks javascript SDK. (Login integration for websites) First, you can't test anything on your local computer with facebook things it has to be on a development server (there are work around but they are complicated) Second, What type of things are you looking for? auto posting things to a users wall etc if they give you permission? I do think this is possible. I don't know for sure, Good luck!

2. Google Adsense would be added to the page where the game canvas is, so that could be added for sure.

3. Yes for this, if you look over the documentation for the framework its there :D

1 decade ago by Ayalaskin

Yes it can be easily integrated with facebook.
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