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1 decade ago by comet

Hey all. Just got the Impact license, but I think I bungled setting up the webserver. Right now I get either a "chrome cannot find the page" error when I try to load localhost/testgame (testgame is the first game I'm testing impact with, hence the name). I put the testgame folder in applications/xampp/htdocs. F I start the xampp apache webserver, however,!ininstead get a "forbidden" error stating that I do not have permission to access the web page and need to contact the administrator.

To make things more confusing, I think I goofed since before setting up xampp I tried to use google to start apache via the command line. As a result I cannot simply start the web server from the system preferences-> network -> web sharing since it simply refuses to share when I click the box.

Is there a way to revert all my apache settings and try again? Also I'm confused where the elicalhist folder is. I thought it was htdocs in the xampp folder but I think that may not be right since chrome and other browsers couldn't load it. What would be the folder where localhost is loaded from if I did not set up Xampp? Would it be different at all?

Sorry I'm just very confused about this webserver business. Any help would b make my day! :). The sooner ican start makin games, the happier I wil be. I look forward to working with the impact community as well in the future!

1 decade ago by laborin


You don't have to install xamp/mamp/whatever just to have apache working... OS X always comes with apache built in. Even if you don't see it under settings > sharing, you can run it from the terminal this way:

sudo apachectl start

I don't know what xamp does with apache, maybe it replaces it in addition to install mysql, but i don't know. I recommend you to try this instead:

1 - Go here and download the file
2 - Drop the file in your game directory, at the same level of your index.html
3 - Open a terminal window and "cd" into that directory
4 - Run the python server file this way:
MacBook-Pro:~ laborin$ cd Projects/Game
MacBook-Pro:Game laborin$ python 
Running ImpactJS Server
Game:   http://localhost:8080
Editor: http://localhost:8080/editor

5 - And that's it, now you can see your game and the weltmeister editor in the provided URLs and don't have to worry about apache configuration or permissions. The only bad thing is that this server does not play good with HTML5 audio and in my chrome stops playing the sounds just after playing it for the first time.

1 decade ago by Graphikos - This is pretty simple to setup also.

1 decade ago by comet

Hmm, I set up the python server and I no longer get the "forbidden" notice, but I do not see the "it works!" prompt, only a black box. Weltmeister still does not load any CSS and thus is still functionally useless.

1 decade ago by Graphikos

If your server is working then be sure to check the browser's console for errors beyond that (404s, Javascript errors, etc). My guess is there are some pathing issues you need to resolve.
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