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1 decade ago by makkura

Is it possible to dynamically shift the order of layers?
For instance would it be possible to have three layers and rotate them so the 2nd layer becomes the foreground layer and the first layer moves behind the 3rd layer, effectively cycling them?

Everything I've seen seems to follow the classic layer style where a background layer is always the background and shouldn't become the 'active' layer for the player.

Every time I look at it, Impact is an awesome toolset but I'm always concerned on what boundries I may hit.

1 decade ago by MikeL

This could be done by creating a custom draw function to override the function in the game.js module. It is set up to draw: (1) the background then (2) the entities then (3) the foreground (if present). With a decent knowledge of javascript you should be able to create any sort of ordering that you want.

1 decade ago by makkura

hmm .. That seems reasonable enough.
At worst case I'd just work on a different project instead of the one that would want that feature.

Besides that I've been happy with what i've seen of Impact so I'll have to pick it up when I'm not as strapped for cash (the cost is more than reasonable, I'm just broke right now :P).

Thanks for the response, MikeL

1 decade ago by MikeL

Good for you. Of course once you get going, plenty of people are usually trying to help in the forums, then there is the IRC channel. And of course the Wizard of Impact, Dominic, usually can give an answer to the really tough questions - unless there is an inherent browser/hardware specific problem that can only be addressed by our favorite browser and hardware companies :)
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