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8 years ago by fupersly

Hi - I don't own an Iphone and am new to any development on that platform.

Is it possible to build a game in Impact then package it for sale like any other Iphone game?

Same question would apply to android as well.

Nice work BTW - very very impressed

8 years ago by TylerAppmobi

Hey fupersly!

There are a couple ways you can get your impact game into the iPhone/ Android appstore. appMobi, Phonegap ,and iOS impact are the most viable options.

With appMobi you can test and develop your game for both stores (even if you don't have a Mac) with our Impact GameDev XDK. More info on that here:

We also have a technology called DirectCanvas(you get demos and tutorials with the gamepro pack in the Impact XDK) that speeds up HTML5 games for iOS by 500%.
We are currently working on an Android version.

Phonegap is an open source tool that lets you package up your app for multiple stores as well, but since it's open source there's a little more work to it.
More info on Phongap:

We made a Phonegap XDK that supports appMobi and Phonegap APIs also, to try and give Phonegap developers a more intuitive IDE.
More info here:

iOSImpact is an awesome experiment Dominic ( Overlord of ImpactJS ) made that allows you to package up your game into a iPhone build . You can read more about that on the ImpactJS blog here:

I hope that wasn't too long of a response :D


8 years ago by fupersly

No it was a great response TylerAppmobi!

Thanks -

So offers technology to build my app for the appstore in addition android. How does GameDev XDK relate to impactJS ? Is it a separate product/company ?

8 years ago by TylerAppmobi

Our IDEs are called XDKs, but they are all products. We have 3 as of now. Phonegap, Impact GameDev, and the Original XDK.

The GameDev XDK is tightly tied to ImpactJS as it comes with a annual license for 5 games and some appMobi cloud services for $99 a year. We also have demos of DirectCanvas using Impact to allow you to see how the code is implemented. The Weltmeister is also built into it directly so you can edit levels and test them with ease all within the XDK.

We just released a new browser called mobiUs (iOS only- Android version still in dev) that allows HTML5 games to perform as native games (DirectCanvas is supported ) without having to go through the appstore.
More info here:

8 years ago by Jerczu

Tyler I was meant to ask - how does DC affect the iOS5 - In the Safari on my Ipad I get circa 50fps but when I packaged my recent game through DC it drops suddenly to 28 hows that possible?

8 years ago by TylerAppmobi

I believe the difference is that in iOS5 ( to my knowledge ), the UIwebview still does not have nitroJS support, but Safari does.

A more appropriate comparison would be to test the UIwebview ( an appMobi built app) with and without DC to see the performance enhancement.

8 years ago by stratman05

Jerczu - all our tests indicate DC is still way faster then Safari on iOS5. I'd be curious to see what's causing the slowdown.

8 years ago by yatayata

Safari (and since ios5) web apps saved to the home screen, both get nitro JS JIT.
but UIWebView still doesn't (yet)

so if appmobi are not doing anything to speed up JS than just opening a UI webview, the js code will run much slower than a normal browser app.
however the graphics performance improvement of DC should make up for the difference, since the main bottleneck is usually graphics.

does your app do anything in the JS code that would make JS the bottleneck?

8 years ago by Jerczu

I've noticed a massive performance slump with tiled repeating background even with pre rendering once I removed it and replaced with single image it does run much faster...
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