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1 decade ago by sviudes

I'm new to HTML5 for developing games, and I'm searching for a good engine to do it. I like ImpactJS, and I think it will be my choice.

Recently I discovered PixiJS, and seems to be a good renderer (not a game engine), and it's very fast! It uses WebGL when device supports it, or Canvas if not. My question is, would be possible to integrate PixiJS as renderer for ImpactJS?

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

The PixiJS test is pretty impressive

Here's the github link, and here's a good review and more info about it.

My first thought is that it would take a bit of work to make it compatible with Impact, but I haven't looked at it closely.

1 decade ago by lachsen

Okay, I didn't have a close look at PixiJS, but this performance test (spamming all those bunnies) doesn't really compare well to actual graphical requirements of games.
It's very easy and efficient to display the same sprite over and over again with WebGL. It gets more complicated if you have a large number of different sprites, originating from different textures, that need to displayed at the same time.

At this point you can do a lot of mistakes that will drop WebGL performance (e.g. too many texture changes).

So you have to be careful about these benchmark examples, in my opinion.
Now, the demo game on the other hand... this one is very impressive.

I'll probably have a look at this sometime myself. :O

I'm sure it's possible to use PixiJS as renderer for impact, but you'll need to modify a lot of internal stuff.

1 decade ago by sviudes

Hot news!:

1 decade ago by paulh

doesnt work with the latest update to pixi .. so no new features etc
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