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10 years ago by giodif

I don't know if this qualifies as a bug, but it does seem to be a problem. I've noticed multiple threads about stacked entities creating inaccurate ( maybe 'unexpected' is a better term ) results.


In those threads, I've outlined what I think might be the problem. I looked through the source code and think that it might be how an entity under gravity behaves when sandwiched between a static collision and a dynamic collision.

However, I'd like to hear Dominic weigh in on this.

Thanks, everyone.

10 years ago by Krisjet

This is definitely one of the biggest hurdles I've had when working with the native physics implementation in Impact. It's especially bad when making multiplayer games, since you will most likely have many entities colliding with each other at the same time, sandwiching stuff between each other and such.

When I made Partypillars I solved it using Box2D, which worked wonders. It takes a little time getting used to, but if you need more robust collisions it's well worth it.
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