I put this in the Private forum as well, then I realized it was the wrong place for it. So here it is again, now in its rightful location.

I've been using Impact for about a year now and am hoping to have a beta of my game available in December.

One thing that I need desperately that would be nice if I didn't have to build myself is added support for spritesheets with frames of varying sizes. So instead of providing the frame size once on construction, you would pass the framesize as part of the frames array passed when defining a set of animation frames.

I'm using Impact for a much larger game than what I have seen it used for in the past. I have thousands of frames with very large spritesheets. The tool I use to create spritesheets can trim empty space (which enables it to reduce overall size and sometimes remove duplicate frames) but doing so makes the spritesheet unusable in the Impact game engine.

Thanks for the consideration