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1 decade ago by Slightfx


Can anyone tell me the difference between these two places
Cant see why i should not go with appmobi.

1 decade ago by dominic

There's actually not much of a difference anymore. You can buy the license here and access AppMobi's SDK with your license key - or buy at AppMobi and you'll get a full Impact license here as well.

1 decade ago by Slightfx

Okay. Alittle confusing. What is the relation ship with appmobi?
I mean why is there two places to buy one license ?

How do I support impactjs the best way?

1 decade ago by dominic

Well, here's the long story.

appMobi wanted to sell their package bundled with a limited Impact license. We made a deal and they gave me a cut of their sales price.

They later changed this, so that if you have an Impact license, you can get access to their product as well, but they still also wanted to have the "point of sale" on their own website - which, I guess, makes sense from a marketing standpoint: don't divert your customers to other pages.

I now get 100% of the Impact proceeds from appMobi and in turn provide a full Impact license. So it doesn't make a big difference for me where you buy it. If you buy the license here, I do get the money a bit sooner, though :)

1 decade ago by Slightfx

Thx for the explanation :)

1 decade ago by Jackolantern

Yeah, the AppMobi XDK package used to be quite different. AppMobi now appears to make their money off of services related to Impact HTML5-to-mobile conversion and maintenance, such as cloud-based iOS compilation for Windows users, push notification once the app is published, etc. Although it still is not as clear as I would hope on their site, it doesn't appear they charge for the tools at all anymore. I could be wrong on that, though.
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