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1 decade ago by plungeint


I've heard that Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 will share the same core, and that they will kill XNA, so that's a great opportunity for HTML5 developers.

Is Impact Engine going to support such platforms?



1 decade ago by fugufish

if it runs HTML5 then yes! feel free to grab a device and test for us

1 decade ago by rocketmedia

Does it work???

1 decade ago by dominic

I still haven't tried the Win8 Beta myself, but I've heard from various people that it works. Yes.

Impact runs fine in IE9 and there's no reason why it shouldn't run in future versions as well.

1 decade ago by JonSharratt

I can confirm It runs on Windows 8 just fine, we are currently playing around and integrating touch / gestures into our game.

1 decade ago by jessefreeman

I've been working with MS directly on some Win8 stuff and have ported two of my games over already. A few things you need to do is account for MS's touch events which have the MS prefix vs the webkit ones built into impact and you will need to use MSRequestAnimationFrame for the game loop to get the best performance.

I was talking to Dominic about this and hopefully he can add requestAnimationFrame into future versions. I'll be posting some code examples and video for it soon. Just trying to figure out how to best automate building impact games for web, chrome, web mobile, iOS and win8. I am getting closer by using ant but now I just need to create some plugins to help with each platform.

1 decade ago by tyler

thanks @jessefreeman! Im working on some windows 8 games and will have metro app version of them. I noticed that there are some pretty bad performance when running in a metro app environment. Are you running inside a metro app or just in IE10?

1 decade ago by nortonjr

Hi, I'm developing for windows 8 too. Any news about the performance with metro app and how it was done?

1 decade ago by boomixer

@jessefreeman, Awesome and thank you for this information :D

Like @nortonjr said, this would be nice to know. I'm assuming since windows 8 seems to have native Javascript and html support for apps, it'll run very well...

1 decade ago by mimik

tried it out now and played with on the developer preview.
Seams to work fine pushing out an app with visual studio express.
Is easy.

Had some problems with the framerate and loading but i was doing this on a Virtual machine so i can't really tell if its slow or not.

Fullscreen canvas game can be quite tricky on the framerate side.
1920x1200 down to 1024x768 and so on.

You could go here:

and get a trial.
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