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1 decade ago in NotificationManager Plugin:

quidmonkey, this is great! thanks for posting. I had to make one change to get…

1 decade ago in Coco Loco!:

Hey MikeH, Thanks for making a game about me! Although I have to say it doesn…

1 decade ago in Inventory system?:

Thanks for posting the PlayerController code, it is super useful!

1 decade ago in ImpactJS TextMate bundle:

That's great, thanks so much!

1 decade ago in Sharing my game code on github?:

In case anyone is interested here is my .gitignore file I use for Impact games:…

1 decade ago in Where are you based?:

Oakland, California

1 decade ago in released my first game : Private Joe:

I've had this experience in other (non Impact) js situations when printing…

1 decade ago in Unable to bind numeric keys:

NUM_1 etc. seems pretty logical to me. I think it's definitely easier to u…

1 decade ago in Is a Tetris-like game possible?:

Is it possible to create a tetris-like game with Impact? I haven't dug …