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1 decade ago in Impact for a website? (Noob question):

It definitely wouldnt be SEO friendly, also may not be compatible with some old…

1 decade ago in How to create a function library like 'Math':

1 decade ago in Little space demo:

Maybe something like this -

1 decade ago in A* Path Finder:

Very nice :)

1 decade ago in iPhone bezier curve visualization shown in the Ejecta video:

You can also check the code from Dominics demo - URL is shown in video ([http:/…

1 decade ago in Games not working in safari 5.1.4:

Any news on this, getting same errors..?

1 decade ago in Google Analytics:…

1 decade ago in Jump through but not fall through.:

In Weltmeister, when you set up collisions, you can select "collision type…