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6 years ago in Impact++ library [75+ additions]:

Thanks for this library, is awesome! Just a question. How could I add a &qu…

8 years ago in entity additions for biolab pack:

On the demo, the player is still "Jumping" when the elevator is going…

8 years ago in Problem with "spawnEntity":

The main.js has this: ## ig.module( 'game.main' ) .requires( 'impact.…

8 years ago in Problem with "spawnEntity":

Thanks! , now is working but I have another question. Why this works without w…

8 years ago in WIP: Tile Based Shader (Optimization round 1):

Nice work :) I was looking for that! :D

8 years ago in Problem with "spawnEntity":

Hello everyone. I´m having a problem with spawnEntity and how spawn Entities …