Ejecta has again received countless bugfixes in the last few month. WebGL support is now much more stable and the interaction between WebGL and Canvas2D has also been improved greatly. Ejecta now allows you to use an offscreen WebGL canvas for drawing in Canvas2D and vice versa.

Among other Canvas2D fixes, the Canvas2D font rendering has been overhauled and now allows you to smoothly scale fonts without pixelating.

There are also two completely new APIs: Geolocation which works exactly like in a browser and ImagePicker that allows you to load Images from the iOS Camera Roll.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and reported bugs!

As always, the newest release can be found on the Ejecta project page.

Screenshot from my ownWebGL game - Xibalba


  • Added Geolocation API
  • Added ImagePicker API
  • Added new GameCenter methods loadFriends(), loadScores() and getLocalPlayerInfo()
  • Added copy, source-in, destination-in, source-out, destination-atop blend modes
  • Added key() and length localStorage
  • Added window.orientation
  • Added UK spelling for HTML color names
  • Added cancelAnimationFrame
  • Added JSValueToNSObject and NSObjectToJSValue functions
  • Added Support to use Canvas2D for drawing in WebGL and vice versa
  • Added Audio.muted property
  • Added ejecta.allowSleepMode
  • Added support for even-odd fill rule
  • Added Data URI support for image sources
  • Added page Visibility API
  • Added console.time() and console.timeEnd()
  • Fixed axes names for devicemotion events
  • Fixed instanceof not working for Ejecta's classes
  • Faster texture exchange between Canvas2D and WebGL
  • Updated JSC version
  • Updated SocketRocket - WebSocket library
  • Countless fixes for WebGL, including performance improvements
  • Various Canvas2D drawing bugfixes
Thursday, April 24th 2014
Tags: Releases, Ejecta