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8 years ago by micktanglao

Hey guys! I just bought Impact and couldn't be more stoked about it. I've been reading up on "HTML 5 Game Development". The one teaching you how to program the game Resident Raver. I followed the instructions and I have a 2d-side scrolling game set up. However, I wanna know how to code it so that I can move "up and down" like in the beat em up games like the Scott Pilgrim game and still be able to jump, keeping gravity as a factor. I also wanna know how to code different moves like punching and kicking. I was only taught how to code shooting projectiles. Anyways, I would super appreciate any help! So stoked.

8 years ago by micktanglao

uhhh, can anyone please help me?

8 years ago by alexandre

Sure. What's up?

I see my first answer could be interpreted as snarky. Don't mean for it to be. I was rushed this AM.

What I meant to say is fast help is available when you post code and ask specific questions. I found your post to be vague and ambiguous and so did not answer it. Others may have reacted the same.

Also, if you read HTML5 Game Dev, then you did learn about ig.input binding, player movement and properties thereof, the update/draw loop, etc.. Given that, I am not sure where the problem lies.

Best would be if you were to post some code of what you've done and what exact behaviour you are looking to attain.


8 years ago by Hareesun

Also worth noting is that the Code section of the forum is for people to share their code, not to ask for help with code. That's what the Help section is for. :)

8 years ago by micktanglao

sorry my bad, thanks guys!

8 years ago by auz1111

Hey Mick did you ever find some good resources for this?

I would like to know how to get the player to jump as well with built in physics. I have had to turn gravity off to keep the player from sliding down the map. Not sure how to implement this.

8 years ago by paulh

gravityFactor= 0 ( i think) to stop an entity form being effected by gravity. Or just remove the gravity variable to have no gravity.

The jump is just a movement on the Y .. dont let the perspective fool you, it just a visual trick :-)

8 years ago by auz1111

OK... but then how would you handle a cliff where the player can fall, or when the player need to jump up on to an object or plane?

8 years ago by paulh

i dont understand, are you suggesting doing some sort of psuedo 3d?

otherwise its movement on y axis?

8 years ago by auz1111

yep, psuedo 3D like final fight, scott pilgrim, and lots of other 2D side scrolling brawlers.

8 years ago by paulh

like this:

I'll back off now, since i dont know if im right or not for sure, but its just a visual trick, y movement and zindex.

Unless your thinking isometric, but im pretty sure your not ....

8 years ago by auz1111

Yeah, but that just involves an animation that looks like a jump kick. would like to be able to actually fall off a cliff or jump down and continue walking at that level with all the physics involved. It may require a z-plane... is this something impact is capable of?

8 years ago by paulh

yes .. why not get some tile sets from an old game and try it? I think you'l be surprised how easy it is ..

really, just start doing and you'll work it out, post some code and people will help you... as stated above this isnt really the forum for this sort of thing...

8 years ago by auz1111

Please take a look at my code so far:
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