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1 decade ago by KirbySaysHi

Well, it's a year later, and I finally got around to writing up how we converted photos to impact levels! With code samples and everything!

There were two phases:

1) dividing the photo into tiles and analyzing the pixels in each tile to determine if the majority of it was "solid" or not
2) Getting impact to load a dynamically generated level

I go into much greater detail in the post itself, but I'll try to keep an eye on this thread for questions.

1 decade ago by quidmonkey

Thanks for posting this. Did you ever give it another shot like the video mentioned?

1 decade ago by alexandre

@KirbySaysHi thanks for this. Great proof of concept for an idea I too had had weeks ago but never got around to doing. Respect.

1 decade ago by KirbySaysHi

@quidmonkey, No, I didn't. After the hack, we both just kind of lost interest, and while it's a fun thing to play around with... I'm not sure how much of a full game is there. But that doesn't mean other people can't try! I worry that once depth was attempted to be added, the simple technique would fall apart and get very complicated.

@alexandre, I hope you go somewhere with that idea!
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