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9 years ago by Rungo73


Has anyone got the latest chartboost sdk 5.x working with Ejecta ?

I was following the guide here:

But it appears there have been some changes to the Chartboost sdk since ver 4.2

Any help would be much appreciated.

9 years ago by Joncom

Any help would be much appreciated.
Can you be more specific about where you are running into trouble? Perhaps there is a specific part in the guide where things get confusing...

9 years ago by Rungo73

In the Chartboost 5.x sdk docs the named locations have been changed. Not sure how to update the existing code from the above tutorial to incorporate.

Was hoping someone might have been through this already :)

#import "EJBindingShowCB.h"
#import "Chartboost.h"

@implementation EJBindingShowCB

EJ_BIND_FUNCTION( showChartboostInterstitial, ctx, argc, argv ) {
    NSString * location = JSValueToNSString( ctx, argv[0] );
    [[Chartboost sharedChartboost] showInterstitial:location];
    return NULL;

9 years ago by Rungo73


After reading through the Chartboost docs (which are easy to follow) I went through and made the changes.

I've now got Chartboost interstitials working a treat in my Ejecta app.

Trouble is I need to be able to tell Ejecta (javascript) when the ad is dismissed. I can see in the logs that the Appdelegate.m is registering the click, I just don't know how to pass that to Ejecta.

Anyone had any experience with this? It would be much appreciated.
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