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1 decade ago by drhayes

I just wrote a post about the lightweight behavior framework that I'm adding to my RPG-ish thing.

I'd appreciate feedback! Does it make sense? Does it seem useful?

I'm thinking I'm going to eventually make a Github repo called "ImpactThings" that contains all these tidbits. Is that interesting to folks?

1 decade ago by svenanders

Brilliant stuff. Github it and I'll follow :)

8 years ago by alexandre

It took 3 years from me to reach the point where I'd like to play with this.

Can you give some sample code for, say, the creation of a behavior such that:

1. entity stands idle for a random amount of time, then
2. entity walks right for a random amount of time.
3. back to #1


PS: will post this on your github issues page in case you no longer are notified of Impact forum posts.

8 years ago by Joncom

Repo here:

8 years ago by drhayes

Still around! Just more in a read-only capacity these days. ( =

Here was the discussion:

I don't think alexandre is looking for what I'm offering. Though this is a good time to pimp city41's state-machine plugin:
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